Learn negotiation from the author of the Negotiation Bible Daniel Shemer Lawyer & Mediator 

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We hunt for the good, and that will only appear from stunning collaboration. Willingly, moving our resources to where we can gain more of what we need

Learn negotiation from the author of the Negotiation Bible Daniel Shemer Lawyer & Mediator

Even going to all the excellent schools, meeting “important and famous” teachers, learning how to become a lawyer, a salesperson?

The most practical principles that produce all the difference – is the one I had to write myself

Welcome to my negotiation site – From the writer who wrote the “Bible of negotiation” For further knowledge, take my negotiation courses that use the Bible stories as the evidence for how to use human nature and a resource to become an amazing negotiator

Daniel is an inspiration, a true friend and a teacher for life
Elizabeth Atia
From Paris France
Daniel is sharp and knowledgeable, I can listen to him for hours and learn so much. 
Galia Benjosef
From Israel
My excellent teacher, I love your fascinating stories and brilliant advice, you are full of knowledge​
Kobi Altman
From Tel Aviv
Daniel the Accounting Attorney. My teacher. Thank you for not giving up on me for a minute, I would not have succeeded without you! Beyond your marvelous capacity to describe complex information in a limited amount of time and in an extraordinary clearway You are a true friend!
Meital Aviv
From USA
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