For that reason the court a lot of times strives to separate the parties, between spouses, partners, produce a temporary solution, and prevent friction. Friction for a negotiator is heaven. The secrets and rewards hide in those places we are scared to go to its critical to go there.

Is everything negotiable

Negotiation begins like anything that exists – because of a reason and towards a destination.

A lawsuit usually occurs when it is too late to negotiate. The court strives to rule all or nothing, victory on one side, and loss on the other (although many times both sides lose). Courts are about efficiency, and sometimes that is for them more important than justice.

For that reason the court a lot of times strives to separate the parties, between spouses, partners, produce a temporary solution, and prevent friction.

Friction for a negotiator is heaven. The secrets and rewards hide in those places we are scared to go to its critical to go there.

In today society’s most people will meet again, especially in a small world, and in social network times like today, when we have Facebook and Instagram, we are all talking about each other, therefore the court’s attempt to separate the parties does not work. Even if you win the lawsuit, you will always be afraid to run into the losing side again, or in the actual world, he will harm you. In law, we use force and fear, making one give something to the other side. One side wins and forces the losing side to surrender.

In negotiations, we use the disclosure of interests and persuasion. Remember, every party is free not to be persuaded. Both will win and win big we look to find a solution that both parties will get more that is something that you can only do if sides are opening up to this possibility that they can get more from collaboration than from force.

So how?

People do not know how to talk and, worse, do not know how to listen. They need to become better negotiators.

In negotiation: one must understand the meaning of what is being said and not just the words behind the words, look for the meaning.

In negotiations, one must be open, positive, and vulnerable. We want to go to the depth of things. We must say not only what we think but also what we hear and what we understand. One side talks, the other side then repeats what he understood in his own words to each other since not everyone hears what we say similarly. Our colleagues need to confirm that we fully understood the meaning behind his words. And only then it’s our turn to say something and the other side says what he heard and makes sure he got the full point of view.

When we meditate and repeat, we need to be relentless, fearless, yet patient and without judgment about what is being said.


From the bible God took a rib and created a woman, and this explains: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, a woman is more important? No, she is a part of him. And shall cleave unto his wife.”

However, this is the power of a story. This story tells every father and mother in the world not to be offended when the son or daughter leaves them to go with another person.

Biblical stories teach us about human nature gives us other points of view.

Every family negotiates.

Even cooking reality shows deal with the stories behind the people making the dish.

If people will contain each other, then one can learn that cooperation brings two forces together, so that together they can produce more significant value, in a way that the whole exceeds the sum of its parts.

People influence us for the better, improve us, if only we are open to it. It amazes me to realize how little we know about conversation and communication.

When you take my course, you will know how to do it.

I thought to myself what knowledge could cause me an immediate turnaround for the better in all areas of life – in relationships, money, and personal fulfillment – and I concluded that it would be knowledge in negotiation. I wanted my good friends to share the revelation. Learning negotiation will cause the fastest and most radical change in their lives. That’s why I wrote a course Negotiation Bible.

The course treasures within its knowledge that are worth more than money. Please read it to the end, then go back to the beginning and reread it. We understand things only the second time we learn them.

Knowing how to negotiate is the knowledge that if we know how to use it, we would make more money and amplify our achievements and make a difference in our lives. All of us need to improve our communication: we need to deliver the right words, you are more explicit when building a reliable and robust framework. The right way to manage situations is by preparing and making it clear to you at first what do you want in life. We need to spend all our energy on the important thing that will give us the maximum advantage.

First, let’s remember that we are in an ongoing relationship with ourselves and with others. Thus, whether we know it, we are frequently in a negotiation: with the children, with the parents, with friends, with the spouses, and in business, in law, in sales.


Is everything negotiable? If you take things as they seem, the answer might be no: “he said we couldn’t get it the answer is NO”. But negotiators know. Negotiation stops when you stop looking for a way to improve things. If you look at no as part of the talks, It’s critical to change that I will find a way if you say: “Why not? Is there something that could change your mind? What is”? You are feeling the power of the negotiator. You become optimistic, and you get more.

People have different opinions and desires; they quickly forget there are many points of view. It’s hard to remember people around us aren’t in the same state of mind. So it’s easy not to understand and be misunderstood by others.

How easily and quickly not being understood leads to frustration. If your answer is that you need to learn that a lot in life is about planning how to get the surrounding people to your state of mind, your point of view. It’s all a matter of negotiation. Steve Jobs designed and rehearsed for hours about his talks, and he was a fantastic negotiator so people believed he has forces that changed reality, but it’s all about confronting their points of view.

We negotiate all day with friends, parents, children, wife. We give, receive, and seek the way to improve attitudes frequently.

but –

Do we know how to do this?

When did we study and research the subject?

Did we prepare to win?

True, there are negotiation courses, but they are very, very expensive and often inaccessible.

However, this knowledge is so necessary. You can learn it from Bible stories and my experience as a litigator.

As in the Bible, one should think in day and night knowledge before the debate and before a negotiation.

Even just one party understands how to negotiate and knows how to conduct it for both sides to do a better job.

But Do you believe that you can prepare for a negotiation?

If you do not believe, you will not prepare.

Therefore, I ask you now to decide what you believe, and you get the results you aim.

Before your next argument, prepare and think what state of mind is my colleague in, What does he know to become a detective. Test and see if you are more successful at the end.


Power Word of the blog

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adjective 1.expressing adverse or disapproving comments or judgments.   “he was critical of many U.S. welfare programs”   Similar: censorious condemnatory-condemning-castigatory-reproving-denunciatory-deprecatory-disparaging-disapproving-scathing-criticizing-fault-finding-judgmental-negative-unfavorable-unsympathetic-hypercritical-ultra-critical-overcritical-pedantic-pettifogging-cavilling-carping-quibbling-niggling-pass-remarkable-nitpicking-hairsplitting-pernickety-picky-griping-bitching-bellyaching-whingeing-reprobatory-reprobative 

Critical sentence examples

  • At least he didn’t look so critical now.



  • Her critical gaze swept over him with a frown.



  • I didn’t expect the critical infrastructure to disintegrate so fast.



  • But he’s not in critical condition?



  • He raised a critical eyebrow at the end of his inspection.

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