What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About King David

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About King David


King David – His Choices and What can you learn from them?

David is the king of Judah and Israel.

He was a shepherd and a harpist and is often described as a young man 

All the stories about King David are always full of wonderful comparisons.

During them David is always described as lower, less threatening, more modest but with higher abilities than the opponent.

Comparison raises the power of success. If my opponent is portrayed as weak or stupid, the fact that I defeated him is not impressive.

But if my opponent is huge, smart or talented the fact that I have defeated such a person raises my victory even more.

That is why we will always compliment our opponents.

King Saul is a handsome, very tall, politically closed king who sits with himself and his family.

In contrast, David is small, but open, who makes connections with all the peoples around, friendly, his politics is with everyone around, took women from all nations and people and feared no criticism. 

In the book of Samuel, David gains his greatest fame after slaying the giant Goliath, the champion of the Philistines in southern Canaan. In the following story, we learn about King David.

David comes to fetch food for his brothers.

He is not even a fighter, he is a Shepherd, but Saul makes promises to those who will fight the terrifying giant of the Palestinians Goliat. and no one will go out against him.

David volunteers, and Saul offers him his sword and armor. 

But Saul is tall and strong and David claims he can not lift all this armor and he went out to fight only with pebbles and sling.

David’s comparison with Goliath gives the victory an explanation of divine intervention, since the battle seems hopeless, and so David always presents things.

He belittles himself, so even though he knows he killed a lion and killed a bear to protect his sheep. He belittles himself, even though he defeats the Philistines, he tells Soul that he is not a challenge for him. This is how I learn that this is not a one-time event but a method.

David’s strategic mind makes him a successful commander. He crushes the Philistines and assembles an army. 

King Saul is troubled and constantly fights both outside and inside. King David knows peace and a good life, plays the harp and calms Saul. The first king of any nation must fight cruelly, but when a nation already has power, it can be generous. Generosity and positivity are always stronger than the threat in the long term. Threats can paralyze an opponent, but fairness, generosity and love lead to long-standing cooperation.

From the comparisons: David and Goliath & The story of David and Saul. Even The story of David and his brothers (Reminds us of the story of Joseph and his brothers). 

It taught us the power of relativity. The mind needs comparison to understand an idea.

The comparison teaches us lessons: the eye is deceptive.

The great are not necessarily the strongest.

Power alone is not enough, people over time, stop respecting authority.

The leader must remain calm, be confident, but make connections with others and gain their respect and always respect your enemies.


David’s popularity enraged Saul, who was jealous of his ability to rule. He plots to kill him. 

When David set an example for his people by not killing Saul when he could. Even when his people pressured him to do so.

He set a personal example and created the values that we must not kill the king, that the king is a choice of God and no man can touch him.


David was popular amongst his people. 

During the first half of his life, David ruled the nation in the name of God. He had many enemies. The leaders were often corrupt. He had to make sure that he had a strong relationship with the people.

During this time, David married. His wife, Michal, later married two other women: Ahinoam and Abigail. Then, he became jealous of the two women and wished they had remained with him forever. They were a couple for about three years. The marriage between David and Bathsheba.

There are many other things to know about David. In addition to his sins, he was also a psalmist. This means he was a singer and a poet. He was a man of honor. He was a great king, but he also fell into grave sin. It’s important to remember that he trusted God, and he had the support of his followers.

During this time, he became king of the Israelites. His popularity grew, and he eventually became the king’s most powerful rival. He fought for the oppressed and he resisted a king who wanted to kill him. He formed a group of followers and fought back for his people.

He unites the twelve tribes & makes Jerusalem the capital(and this is the capital of Israel to this day). 

But is he perfect? To be continued


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