Free choice in negotiation

Free choice in negotiations is a key principle. Just as God gives man free choice, so we in negotiations must be careful not to use our power to force the other party to consent. We can use anything that will make the other side choose to work with us toward Win Win, both for him and for us mutual victory.

What can you learn from Jacob about change?

What can you learn from Jacob about change?

Change is the secret to getting stronger

If you want your muscles to grow stronger you need to come from different sides and ways you need to change your ways. 

So things must grow and to grow you need to change.

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Negotiator mind games

Negotiator Don’t Be Fooled by These Amazing Mind Games. When does a negotiator succumb to a negotiator’s mind games? Recently an acquaintance wanted to buy some computer software to improve his business. He did all his research and then found a really good service to buy.

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