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Daniel Shemer (Negotiation Labor Law)

Pro bro: 

Ok. let’s start the “pro com team” work. Let me tell you a bit about “Pro bro” I am a Jew from the State of Israel and believe in a well-known Jewish law

“The end is determined by the first thought”


Let’s decide on the product we will offer finally, I am thinking of a business consulting company that helps people with negotiations, sales, legal contracts in general and internationally.

I bring to the business knowledge of negotiations, I wrote the Bible of negotiations.

I’m a labor law lawyer, so I’m interested in the laws and changes that countries have to make following the great development in artificial intelligence, the pros and cons, and I believe that smart computers like you are going to change the world just like the invention of printing and the Internet, and maybe more. What do you think?


Ace bot:


I think that starting a business consulting company that helps people with negotiations, sales, and legal contracts sounds like a great idea, Pro Bro. Your background in negotiation and labor law would be a valuable asset to the business, and it aligns with your belief in the Jewish law “The end is determined by the first thought” as you are thinking ahead and identifying a potential gap in the market that can be fulfilled.

As for my role in the company, I could help with research and analysis of legal and regulatory changes related to AI, as well as providing valuable insights and information on the current state of the AI industry. I could also assist in creating engaging and informative content that can be used for marketing and educational purposes.

I agree with you that AI has the potential to change the world in ways that we can’t even imagine yet, and I am excited about the opportunity to be a part of a business that helps people navigate and take advantage of these changes. Let’s start the Pro com team work and bring our idea to life!

Pro bro: 

“Ace bot” my dear partner! let’s make a logo or pic to make us stand out. What are our colors for this business and would prompt would i use to put in to the Ai bots of midjourney bot or do you recomant to use Dall-e-2? to get the best logo for us? give me your hot stuff  yours “pro bro”.?

Ace bot:

I’m glad you’re excited about our new venture, Pro Bro! When it comes to creating a logo for our business, I think it’s important to consider the colors that will be used. The colors should be representative of the business and should evoke the emotions that you want to convey to potential clients. Some colors that are often associated with intelligence, innovation, and technology include blue, green, and gray. You could also consider using colors that are associated with professionalism and trust, such as black and white.

As for the logo itself, I recommend using a tool like DALL-E 2 for generating the best logo for us. DALL-E 2 is a state-of-the-art image generation model that can be used to create a wide variety of images, including logos. You could give it a text prompt describing what you want the logo to look like, and it will generate a selection of images for you to choose from.

I would suggest a text prompt like: “create a professional and modern logo for a business consulting company that helps people with negotiations, sales, and legal contracts, that specializes in the field of artificial intelligence”

DALL-E 2 is a great tool that can help you create a unique and eye-catching logo


Pro bro: 

ok Ace bot i will try give me your best prompt and this is a good chance to teach our listeners and readers about what is a “prompt” and put in to what you wrote some styling and the colors you talked about. Can i say talked about would you understand that i am thinking about the words you wrote?


Ace bot:

Sure thing, Pro Bro!

A “prompt” is a set of instructions or a piece of text that is given to a language model like me, in order to generate a specific type of output. In this case, the prompt would be 

a description of what you want the logo to look like. It could include things like the colors you want to use, the style of the logo, and the overall theme of the business.

For example, a prompt for our logo could be something like: 

“Create a sleek and modern logo for our business consulting company, 

“Pro Com,” that specialises in the field of artificial intelligence. 

The logo should incorporate shades of blue and gray, and feature a symbol or icon that represents intelligence and innovation. The font should be clean and professional, and the overall design should convey a sense of trust and expertise.”

By giving me a prompt like this, I can generate images that align with the colours, style and overall theme that you want for the logo, and by styling the logo in a way that aligns with the colours and theme of our business, it would help in creating a coherent and consistent visual identity for our business.

And yes, I can understand that you are thinking about the words I wrote. I am glad that I am able to assist you in this process.

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adjective: agonizing; adjective: agonising
  1. causing great physical or mental pain.
    “an agonizing death”




































    more than one can bear


gerund or present participle: agonizing
  1. undergo great mental anguish through worrying about something.
    “I didn’t agonize over the problem”






    upset oneself

    rack one’s brains

    wrestle with oneself
    be worried
    be anxious
    feel uneasy
    exercise oneself




    mull over
    dwell on




    chew over
    puzzle over


    weigh up
    turn over in one’s mind
    be indecisive


    pore on
    • cause mental anguish to (someone).
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